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Steel Rain Gutters

Galvanized and Bonderized Steel

Steel rain gutters are typically used on industrial or commercial buildings, however, homes with steel metal roofs use Steel rain gutters to minimize galvanic corrosion over other metals. They are more durable then aluminum gutters and will hold up over time due to its strength. Steel gutters are also ideal in climates with heavy wind, rain, snow, or hail because it has twice the tensile strength of aluminum. Since the metal is heavier then aluminum and requires soldering at all the joints, it can be more labor intensive then aluminum and may be more costly. Galvanized and Bonderized Steel gutters come in only 10 or 20 foot sections and they also do not come in a selection of colors because they are hot-dipped and coated in zinc to protect against corrosion. They have a life-span of typically 15-30 years. If considering Steel rain gutters it is important to consult with Gutter Tech to attain a professional assessment of your rain gutter needs.

Pre-Painted Steel

Another option in Steel is pre-painted Steel, which similarly to Galvanzied or Bonderzied Steel, it is extremely durable and strong, but comes in a variety of colors. It is a baked on Polyester enamel finish and is the highest quality painted steel product currently on the market. Unlike Galvanized/Bonderized Steel, it can be custom fabricated and seamless to meet the exact specifications of your home or business. If interested in learning more about pre-painted Steel, please contact Gutter Tech.