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Copper Rain Gutters

For a traditional but more elegant look, Copper rain gutter is typically the number one choice. While saving money in the long run with Copper rain gutters, they can be more costly in the fore front. You can rest assured it is an investment that will add sophistication to your home and because it is extremely durable it will last for decades with little to no necessary maintenance. Gutter Tech will make sure to provide you with a competively priced estimate and thoroughly explain the advantages of installing a Copper rain gutter system. As with other metals, Gutter Tech will custom fabricate the Copper on site and to the style of your choice. Please inquire regarding what size and style would best suite your needs.

Copper Gutters - recent projects

Copper is resilient to weather changes, does not rust, and it is often times used for homes closer in proximity to the ocean. Although you will see Copper rain gutters in all climates and locations because of the quality and durability is offers. Unless treated, overtime the Copper will develop a patina on the metal, which protects and beautifies. Generally copper starts as a shiny salmon color and gradually turns brown, then shades or reddish brown, and finally a light pastel green after some 20 years. To ensure longevity, all Copper gutter is riveted and soldered by Gutter Tech, so there are no issues with leaks or repairs. Copper rain gutter is typically combined with decorative gutter hangers, brackets, leader heads, and/or rain chains. Please see some of the leader head and rain chain styles available under accessories.

Contact Gutter Tech for your Free estimate and evaluation. Protect your home or business from costly repairs. A properly installed Copper rain gutter system will last 75-90 years and is not an investment you will regret.